Statement of  TAG / CV Support General Terms and Conditions

1. CV Support/Consulting
All time spent on Contractor V support issues by TAG consulting, and technical
personnel may be subject to a charge. The following hourly rates for various categories
of personnel are currently in effect:

Hourly Rate Category

$100 Consultants

$150 Senior Consultants

$150 Programmers

Unless otherwise stated, any cost estimate presented is an estimate only, and is not a
fixed price. The client will be notified when any estimate is reached and will exceed the
original estimate.

2. Reimbursable Expenses
Travel expenses when applicable will be charged at .585 cents per mile. (Travel time
is billed portal to portal.)

3. Signature and Date
By printing, signing, dating and faxing this document to us you agree to the above terms and
conditions regarding payment for technical or accounting support provided to your
company by TAG.


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following link:

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